„We put ourselves  in our clients’ shoes,

providing outcomes, not just projects”

We dedicate our work to help you to take the right business decisions, transform decisions into efficient actions and establish long term and stable business development.

Our experience is a combination of strategic thinking, creative and analytical skills that provides businesses with the expertise to realize its full potential.

Business Development Capital is a company founded by a team of experienced professionals proving excellent reputation, valuable local and international experience, with expertise in management based on principles of CSR.

Investment plan

Process development 

and optimization



Analysis and Risk Management



Business Plans

Analysis of the local and international market

Analysis of financial results


Feasibility studies

Staff development Programs


The ITMC Programme -

Internship, Training, Mentoring, Coaching

Find more details about the ITMC Programme : 

The ITMC Programe (Internship. Training. Mentoring. Coaching) is a social project powered by BDC (Business Development Capital).

The mission of the programme represents integrating graduates into the labour market through tightening the gap resulting from the mismatch of the knowledge provided by universities and the skills required by local companies from the new hires.

Developing professional skills for the successful integration of the new employees


Offering quidance on professional orientation

Building into companies a culture of integrating and motivating staff 



On-line application form:

Involving and challenging work experience for graduates within local companies looking for employees

SME Academy Programme

SME Academy's elements

SME Academy has an objective to strengthen and develop strong management in SMEs that will lead to company's success and growth.

SME Academy provides a holistic approach to trainings that are structured according to the major building blocks of a succesful business development. Trainings are linked with each other and interdependent to show the influence of the business decisions in different areas.

During the program participants will be trained and guided in writing business documents that are highly important for a succesfull dusiness development, e.g.(strategy report, market analysis, marketing plan, business plan, project plan and budget ..).

The other important element of the SME Academy is mentorship that will be provided during the whole program. Each participant will be mentored by an experienced businessmen or CEO of the big company that will support him/her during the program and help in business documents elaboration.

Business Diagnostics

Business Visits




Export development programme is a complex programme aiming to support the companies that want to expand their activity abroad. It is based on the following elements:

  • Export diagnostic: defining whether the company is ready for export;
  • Specialized trainings: market analysis, product adaptation for exporting, branding, product promotion and establishing partnerships, legal requirements and logistics;
  • Detailed export plan preparation;
  • Mentorship and support from experienced and successful exporters.

Useful Information:

Manual „EU Export Conditions” Export HelpDesk


„Export development in the UE”

Export Development Programme

CBI - Center for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries

Export Manual:

 “Export to Europe - Introduction”

Export Business Map - Informative calendar

Our team

Ecaterina Coroli

CEO, Managing Partner

An accomplished manager with 12 years of experience, including 10 years in managerial positions both in the international group of banks and in the Moldovan SME from the different sectors such as production, distribution and retail.

Formed as a professional in a multinational and highly dynamic business environment with a development orientation, Veronica has extensive knowledge and experience in diverse areas of management such as branch management; process and project management, internal communication management; HR management with a focus on personnel development, change management (Certificate of Internal Integrator by Adizes Methodology, Adizes Institute, Kyiv).

Having an understanding of the business needs both at the level of business unit and institutionally, as well as experience of building and developing human and managerial capital, Ms. Luchianenco has established herself as an effective business trainer, mentor and consultant in the field of HR and organizational development.

Angela Gladei has vast experience (over 23 years) in banking and non-banking sector, including 10 years in top management. During these years of practice, she was responsable for retail and corporate business development, strategic business planning, risk management, marketing and institutional promotion.

Ms. Gladei is very experienced manager and an exceptional leader with the ability to motivate teams to generate excellent results. She is a charismatic speaker and a remarkable trainer in staff management, marketing, sales and negotiations, financial management and strategic planing.

Angela Gladei hold the position of CEO at Total Leasing & Finance S.A for 7 years.

Ms Gladei has MBA degree (GGSB Global Management), speaks fluently in Romanian, Russian and English.

Angela Gladei

Managing Partner

Development oriented manager with 10 years of experience in the interntional group of banks, including 8 years management positions, who insured institutional growth and competitiveness by improving efficiency, expanding the range of services, and carrying out capacity building at all levels of operations.

Her main areas of expertise are management of business development and process optimization in private, micro and SMEs sector. Highly skilled in strategic planning, project management, lauching and promotion of new products and services, processes optimization and efficiecy improvement, drafting procedures and guidelines.

Ecaterina has vast experience in HR capital building by managing and leading teams from 10 to 100 people, actively participating in the recruitment process, creating and implementing staff development strategies. Ms. Coroli is a professional trainer in sales, customer care and clients' retention system, staff management and managerial communication. Strong leader with outstanding dedication and enthusiasm that provides motivation for the team to perform at their best in delivering excellent results.

Ecaterina graduated from the PCB Business Management Academy, Furth Germany, where she had the opportunity during three years of study to get knowledge and experience from top managers and best trainers in management, banking an history of humanities.

Marina Sedletchi

Business Consultant

Adrian Ciofu

Senior Business


Adrian has an extensive experience both as a consultant in business development and as a manager.

Adrian's main competences are business processes analysis and development, implementing and auditing quality systems.

His contribution to improving our client's businesses also stems from strong analytical skills and competence in building cause and effect diagrams, as well as managing group dynamics in the ideation processes.

Marina has many years of experience in the economic field, being responsible for financial analysis of the company, client relationship management, process optimization within private companies and NGOs. Ms Sedletchi participated and developed such project as Export Development in RM, Best Practices in the Private Sector of RM, Local Public Administration Development Assistance.

Currently she is responsable for ITMC (Internship, Training, Mentoring and Coaching) Programme management, business process design and optimization business plan elaboration financial analysis and feasibility studies preparation. Marina is active participant at the Amcham (American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova) Young Professional Program. She is development oriented professional with high level of dedication and performance.

Anastasia Matiuscenco

Jr. Business 


Anastasia is young but very talented professional. She is the most creative team member. Anastasia is responsible for social media and promotion, event organization and communication with clients and partners. Currently Anastasia is actively involved in the ITMC (Internship, Training, Mentoring and Coaching) Programme implementation, being responsible for recruitment process, comunication platform, trainings organization and logistics.

Ms Matiuscenco graduated from the Institute of International Relations of Moldova (IIRM, 2016) and participated in ITMC Programme, spring 2016.

Veronica Luchianenco

Executive Director

Trainers and external consultants

Andrei Preasca

Customer Relationship Manager, Orange

Otilia Dragutanu

Business woman and Trainer, CEO Berlizzo Group

Andrei Crigan

Executive Director AOAM

Irina Neronov

HR Manager, Business Trainer, Microinvest

Veaceslav Luchianenco

Independent Business Consultant

Marina Lupu

HR Manager, Orbico

Vlad Ghenciu

Practician & 

Expert in the Marketing and Communication

Alexei Munteanu

Director Executive,

Star Net Solutions

Mihai Tanase

Executive Director, Berd's Design Hotel

Vitalie Popescu

Director and Business Trainer AEGIS

Alexandr Coseac

Sales Manager Non Food, Orbico

Radu Arim

Sales Manager Food, Orbico

Elena Meseat

Entrepreneurship Advisor, UNDP

Dorina Arsene

Specialist in PR and Communication, Director ABeZe

Dorin Recean

Member of the Strategic Development Council, UTM, 

Founder Performa

Alina Mitu

Director AFAM

Cristina Pascari

Training & Development Manager, METRO

Ton Voortman

International expert, Senior Adviser PUM

Roman Garștea


Academia Nicolae Dumitrescu




Street. D. Cantemir 5/4, of. 705

MD-2001, Chișinău