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About us

about1Training, Mentoring and Consulting in business, finance and marketing

Business Development Capital - consulting Company founded in 2015, by a team of local experts, with exeriență value national and international, in the fields of: Business and business development, Finance (management, planning and financial assessment) and Marketing. BDC provides Training, Mentoring and Coaching, with the aim of helping young entrepreneurs to take the right business decisions, organic and congruent with conditions of continuous economic and social transformation of the modern world. This is to ensure a sustainable development of business and entrepreneurial activities of corporate social responsibility in the Republic of Moldova.

The vision of the BDC: Through the services and products delivered, Business Development Capital is the Company that can share expertise and knowledge, and especially the Company that will help you to discover and to harness your resources, to discover what you know better – to ensure a sustainable development of business and entrepreneurial activities of corporate social responsibility in the Republic of Moldova.

BDC mission:

* Facilitate the progress of entrepreneurs through cooperation, education, mentoring, coaching and establishing connections;

* Create work conditions favorable to colleagues so as to be part of the company and any decision taken or product offered;

* Establish lasting partnership relationships at local, regional and international level with peers in the guild, thus providing opportunities to exchange experiences and take over best practices for both colleagues and entrepreneurs;

* Cooperate with local, regional, national authorities -in order to promote best practices of entrepreneurship, innovation and business development;

  • • Adapt - as a process, knowledge, trends, methodology - best practices, sharing them with partners, customers and colleagues.

Corporate values

* Open and transparent communication between colleagues, partners, clients or representatives of decision-making fora

* Building lasting relationships through experience exchange and knowledge acquisition / dissemination

* Assimilation of new ideas and good practices at organizational level, taking over and facilitating change

* Support the improvement of the environment in Moldova and the development of the green economy.

* Orientation towards innovation, creativity and resilience


Angela Gladei
Angela Gladeifounder
Ecaterina Coroli
Ecaterina Corolifounder
Angela Rojcov
Angela Rojcovfounder


ITMC projects

The ITMC (Internship, Training, Mentoring, Coaching) program is a social project founded by BDC (Business Development Capital).

The mission of the program is to reduce the gap between employers' requirements and student knowledge.

The aim of the program is to develop skills and practical skills among young people in accordance with the requirements of the labor market

The ITMC Program (Training, Trainings, Mentor and Coaching) invites students, master students and graduates of Universities, Colleges and Professional Schools to participate in the program.

The ITMC Program offers a unique opportunity for the harmonious integration of young people into the workplace by organizing opportunities for internship and personal development.

ЕЕF Projects-FEE

Denumirea proiectului: Societatea civilă locală contribuie la dezvoltarea economică și socială a Republicii Moldova

Beneficiari eligibili : Organizații ale societății civile din 36 de localități rurale și tineri antreprenori din peste 40 de localități rurale ale Republicii Moldova, inclusiv zone din Transnistria

Perioada proiectului: 2018 - 2020

Locația: Republica Moldova, aprox. 40 de localități diferite din întreaga țară, inclusiv zonele din Transnistria

SME Academy Programme

SME Academy provides holistic approach to trainings that are structured by major blocks needed for succesful business development. Trainings are linked with each other and interdependent to show the influence of the business decicions in different areas.

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About us

Training, Mentoring and Consulting in business, finance and marketingy's

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