Angela Gladei, founder

Angela Gladei Shareholder500Angela Gladei has an experience (over 16 years) in the banking sector and 6 years of experience in the non-banking sector, including 10 years is at managerial positions. Possess a very good knowledge of the activity of marketing, retail and corporate banking, strategic planning, risk management, emerging istitutional management in times of economic crises and business development.

Mrs. Gladei held several functions as head of Bank services division at ProCredit Bank and sales and Marketing department Manager at the Romanian Commercial Bank, where he was responsible for promoting the image of the organisation, market analysis Development of marketing strategies and policies and attracting new areas of profitable activity.

From 2010 to present he holds the function of CEO in the company Total Leasing & Finance S. A, where he is responsible for ensuring the management of the company, establishing the development objectives, drafting the institution's strategy and adjusting this To environmental changes, quality assurance of credit and leasing portfolio through balanced risk management, negotiation of financing contracts with local and international creditors, efficient management of material, financial resources, Information and human resources in order to achieve strategic objectives. Mrs. Gladei graduated MBA, GGSB Global Management and speaks fluently in 3 languages: Romanian, Russian, English.

Ecaterina Coroli founder

Ecaterina Coroli Shareholder

Ecaterina Coroli founder -development-oriented manager with 10 years of experience in the international group of banks, including 8 years on leadership positions, thus ensuring an institutional and competitive growth by improving the efficiency , extending the range of services as well as capacity building at all levels of operations.

As head of the business development department at ProCredit Bank, Ecaterina was responsible for strategic planning, Business plan execution, project management, launching and promoting new products and services, optimizing improving efficiency, development and implementation, integration of procedures. Thanks to the high expertise in the development of small and medium business enterprises, Catherine contributed to the successful growth of businesses, providing financial support and business consultancy at the right time.

Catherine has extensive experience in the development of human resources capital by managing and directing teams from 10-100 people; Actively participating in the recruitment process, the creation and implementation of staff development strategies. Mrs. Coroli is a professional trainer in: Sales, customer relations and customer loyalty system, staff management and managerial communication. Powerful leader with remarkable dedication and enthusiasm that gives the team motivation to perform excellent results.

Catherine graduated from PCB Business Management Academy, Furth Germany, where he had the opportunity over 3 years of gaining knowledge in Management, banking, History of humanities, and a vast experience from top successful managers around the world.

Angela Rojcov founder

Shareholder Angela Rojcov 500Angela Rojcov founder -is a successful manager with an experience of over 12 years, including 5 years in managerial positions, activating in the service Dome.

Mrs Rojcov 's professionalism and career was formed in an international, highly dynamic business environment with a strong emphasis on development.P It is a vast piece of knowledge with expertise in multiple areas such as: organizing and developing business departments, optimizing and regulating business processes, project management and organizational processes, Development and coordination of the internal corporate communication system, management of organisational changes, management system and personnel policies, attracting and developing talents, adaptation, coaching, evaluation, training and Development of human potential.

It has an understanding of business needs both at the department level and at the organization level, it also has extensive experience in the development of human and managerial resources. Mrs. RojcovIt is recommended that an effective business trainer, mentor, and consultant in the field of human resources and organizational development both as an internal and external consultant.

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